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Hi there stranger ! 

I am a polish architect, designer & 100% self-made lifestyle photographer based in Melbourne. A few years ago I got my first DSLR camera for Christmas. From there, I became obsessed with capturing visual memories, setting up shoots with my friends or strangers, going out to the city or driving somewhere new to get that perfect shot.

Now I have realized that photography is not only my hobby, but also passion and actually could be my profession. I believe you can capture people and their personalities in million different ways, you can manipulate the reality by angles, light, colors ... and photoshop. It's the power of visuals!

I like giving my pictures a touch of "analog" feeling, creating images that don't look perfect or polished. I don't retouch faces of my models, I want to keep them real. It is my way of seeing. It is my way of saying this is another way if seeing me. I am living a passionate life & once I have discovered the basics I forgot about photography. I keep digging in, following my instincs and trusting my curiosity. What I love most about my journey -  its OK to end up with „off-beat” photos, where hair might be a bit out of place or someone is looking a bit weird. Thats FINE and it is what makes the photo special, it is what shows the world  the person you are, and what makes you great! 

The images I produce are done with quality in mind as a benchmark. If you’d like me to work with you please feel free to use the email address on my contact page, I’ll reply as soon as possible to discuss the project, rates and timeframe.

Klaudia Burzynska


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