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12 01 2017

Adventures first !


“No, no! The adventures first, explanations take such a dreadful time.” 


1. At 7 am our plane took off to Ponta Delgada. Our backpacks were packed and we were full of exctiment. The moment we left the plane, all we could feel was this amazing breeze and the sense of being in the middle of Atlantic Ocean! We got our car in a local company and then headed to the house we got in Pico Vermelho (close to Sete Cidades). The house was awesome with even better view. We weren't aware of one thing - its extremely humid in Azores! Our clothes would never get dry.

2. The first day we have started in Sete Cidades, driving on Cumeeiras road. I don't think its a good idea going there on bad weather (mostly on a rainy day), because it may be hard to drive up on dirt road. Anyways, we stoped in the first viewpoint and .... we saw nothing. 2 minutes later clouds moved and we saw an amazing lake, covered with mist, clouds and kind of misterious vibe. While screaming like crazy girls (that moment was super emotional :D ), we just stood there and admired the greatness of Azores! Fuck yeah, we were so happy to be there.



3. Thats what I meant - its not a good idea going that way on rainy days, otherwise we would just get stuck there. There were so many holes, at some point we had to leave the car to release the weight :D



4. Agata loves posing with garden creatures.



5. A cold wind was blowing from the north, and it made the trees rustle like living things.





I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery - air, mountains, trees, lakes, people. I thought "this is what it is to be happy".



6. Thou strange piece of wild nature!










7. Tourists went on holidays while travellers did something else. They travelled. Thats us. Happy travellers.



8. View to Sete Cidades from a viewpoint next to abandoned hotel.


9. There comes . . . a longing never to travel again except on foot.












10. “I am floating, I thought, completely without anchor, at the mercy of the wind.”



11. What's the point travelling if you do not try local food? We got into a perfect place in Ponta Delgada, where were mostly locals. The paradise in Sao Miguel - A Tasca. They served us the most delicious food and the staff was super polite. Just thinking about this lunch I get hungry... Don't miss this place being in Azores! On picture above- Julia and Agata. Yes, Agata gets very excited about vege food and good wine!





11. Took me a lot of research to find out about this place and how it works! My friend went to Azores in November and told me about natural therms in the ocean! Yes, in the ocean! They are active only a few hours a day, somehow I could not discover when because there is no info online. Last minute I have discovered that the water gets the hottest on low tide. That day it was around 3 pm, we got there around 17, it was still warm and we got the see the sunset! Ferraria is a must see. The next low tide was about 21:30 and we did not want to drive there at night, there is no lighting! Now, imagine going down on the rocks and diving into an opened ocean at night time!






12. The sun is setting in a burnt orange sky; the cliffs are black silhouettes; the sea, liquid silver. 
y 2 coming soon.... Stay tuned