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28 10 2018

after wedding session in portugal

Check out my favourite after wedding session with Sebastian and Agnieszka !

Let's hear this story. Those cuties got married in Poland a month before and decided to travel to Portugal (to visit me, yay) and take the  advantage of the most stunning landscapes ! Agnieszka packed her wedding attire, high heels & Sebastian somehow squeezed in his suit and voila, we are ready to go ! Now, what is more beautiful than a castle on a hill with stunning ocean view?

We drove not far away from Lisbon, to a place called Santuário da Peninha, situated in the Sintra Mountains. What's great about post wedding session is that you just get to relax, not worry about guests waiting for you, enjoy the views and nail those pictures. We got the most stunning sunset, which made it even more romantic. These pictures turned out to be soooo dreamy, so be prepared, because this photoshoot is the BOMB.


bride and groom standing in a castle      wedding couple posing in a castle

wedding couple kissing

groom posing for a wedding portrait   laughing wedding couple   romantic photo of a bride and groom in the mountains

bride and groom hugging

candid bride wedding portrait


candid wedding photo of bride and groom .  

wedding portrait with mountain view   

wedding in a castle

groom kissing bride on forehead

wedding couple standing on a cliff with mountain view   

beautiful bride and groom kissing for wedding portrait

beautiful couple in love posing for wedding portraits in melbourne

close up portrait of bride and groom laughing

bride portait at the sunset in portugal   groom portrait at sunset

playful bride and groom photo jumping

beautiful candid photo of a bride and groom hugging

just married couple posing on a cliff with beach view, wedding photography in melbourne

   bride riding piggyback on groom

   playful wedding photo session

bride holding shoes while piggyback riding on groom   bride piggyback riding on groom while holding her high heels