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09 06 2020

anita and baby leon

How to shoot good maternity photos?

Oh boy, believe me when I say, it is so hard to get a toddlers attention ! Leon was all over the place and we had to go above and beyond to make him look at the camera or just stay still for a second.

So what it takes to nail a family photoshoot? Think about the theme of your session, most times it really depends from the location. We have chosen Albert Park in Melbourne, therefore we knew what kind of landscape to expect. What else do you need? Well, you need to think about matching outfits ! Make sure you don't choose contrasting colours, focus on complementary warm tones. A beige or mustard yellow sweater and jeans always go in pair and look good on photos. Make sure your baby is rested and ready for the experience, nothing is worse than a grumpy little human... ups, yes I said that. Anway, what you really need is just to be YOU ! Bring in your energy, personality and just act the way you would at your own home without being distracted by a nerdy photographer. 


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