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23 07 2018

I want real love baby

pre-wedding photoshoot
Sebastian & Agnieszka



Have you ever heard or wonder what a pre-wedding photoshoot is?
It's been an ongoing trend in Australia for the past few years and soon it is going to blow over the local market very soon. A few years ago I have done one for my brother and his wife-to-be before their wedding day. So scroll down and check out how it turned out ! (these are my most re-pinned pictures on pinterest, no joke). But before that, take your time and find out why I think having a pre-wedding shoot is an amazing idea!


Why do it?
It is a great way to get to know your photographer, his style & to help you relax in front of the camera. You will have time to discover what kind of photoshoot is your jam, what kind of ambience, style and posing. Do you feel better in candid, natural photography or you prefer posed, editorial style? It just helps you getting used to the camera and a photographer, so on the wedding day you can feel fully laid-back and calm. 

Each couple has particular characteristics, traits, attitudes & the goal is to show all of them on photographs. It is to capture their energy, feelings and how they behave when together. Being able to catch someones expressions, body language, and even reactions is quite a challenge, but once you manage to get those moments, they seem magical and unique. Moreover, when they couple is able to see their emotions being captured on photographs, thats a rewarding feeling ! 

Where you should have your engagement photoshoot?
I would definetely go for a beautiful landscape, either hills mountains, cliffs, forest, anywhere in nature ! Honestly, it is the best time to go out and explore, go to the Grampians National Park or Mt Butler, make your photos look like postcard worthy and maybe use them later for your wedding invitations or a guest book? Soo many different ideas! If outdoor areas don't seem like you, then relaxed urban photoshoot will do as well :) 


couple hugging

couple holding hands couple holding hands in nature

engagement ring picture fiance looking at her partner

girl looking happy with her boyfriend

girl whispering to her boyfriends ear natural couple picture

happy bride to be with her boyfriend

girlfriend looking happy at her boyfriend

couple walking in the forest 

candid couple photograph in nature

romantic pre wedding couple photo in nature romantic photo of a couple laughing at each other

happy couple laughing at each other

engagement photo of a couple in love, candid photography in australia

engagement photoshoot of a couple before their wedding in a field pre wedding photo of a couple kissing

guy kissing his fiance in forehead

 candid photo of a couple during sunset on a lake pre wedding photo of a girl and her fiance