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03 07 2016

praia da ursa - the naked beach.


      This Sunday we have decided to go someplace different. First, we went to Praia Grande, close to Sintra. Unfortunately it was totally packed and windy. Then we have moved on to Praia da Adraga. We weren't lucky there either. Not only it is hard to get there, but it was so full of cars we had to search for different place, In the end we have decided to go to Praia da Ursa. The kind of  "secret beach" - reminds me of Ribeira do Cavalo close to Sesimbra. It wasn't hard to park a car, but definitely it wasn't easy to go down the cliff. We weren't wearing proper shoes and we didn't have backpacks. It is quite steep way down, for sure not appropriate for kids. Of course views are amazing. But it doesn't give the impression of "blue lagoon" like Ribeira do Cavalo. It looks more like a scenery from Avatar with carved cliffs. The beach was full of people and we had an inflow so there wasn't much place to lay down. Moreover, as soon as we got there, we found out it was a nudist beach... We had no choice but to lay down next to many naked asses (mostly old men). 35 degrees weren't as bad, the wind was refreshing but we got a bad day considering the red flag and no way of getting inside the water. Now that I think about it, its not surprising as this beach is just next to Cabo da Roca.... If you try to discover more, you may find some amazing places with rocks and stones. It is a great experience, something different and not so packed with crazy tourists. I have to admit tough, I am a huge fan of blue, warm, crystal water. Therefore, the next time I will just go to Sesimbra.