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20 07 2016

spontaneous trip to Malaga vol.1


 Last month I was invited to join in a family trip to Spain. With 9 people and 2 cars we headed early in the direction of Sevilla. We planned stopping by there for just a few hours. I think I expected more from this city. I always feel a bit lost and confused in big cities like Sevilla. The heat was almost unbearable, I think it was about 40 degrees. I am not gonna write anything about it, because I did not even take any pictures. All I wanted to do was to get back in the car and just go straight to Malaga and so about 16 we left the city. While driving you could see and smell olive plantations, which were quite intense. Its slightly different smell than portuguese olives for sure.

    Going through mountains was really exciting and beautiful. We got to Malaga in the evening. It was not as hot as in Sevilla and the breeze was really refreshing. Made me feel like I was in Lisbon. Also considering the atmosphere and overall feeling.

      The next morning, everybody woke up late so we went to a local Market called Mercado Central de Atarazanas (atarazana means shipyard). I have to admit it was the best food I have ever eaten in Spain. We tried various tapas, starting from deep fried sardines and ending on fried octopus. Just writing this I am getting hungry, because it was amazing. We have spent there more than one hour trying different food and drinking cold beer. What I did not know about this place, is that it was once Malaga's shipyard, where ships were repaired over 600 years ago. This fact makes you realize that water at that time would go all the way up to market's entrance. Over the years it was restored and now you can admire and enjoy it with 260 stalls, new ceiling and gorgeous stained glass window.












     Being fully satisfied we took not so short walk to the beach. I don't want to bore anybody so just take a look at those pics in the next post :)