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22 07 2016

spontaneous trip to Malaga vol.2


The next part of our trip is up!.. The same day we went for a walk in the center, slowly heading towards the beach. The architecture in Malaga is really beautiful, modern mixed with historical buildings. You could see horse drawn carriages and locals riding their bicycles. It was not overcrowded with tourists and you could feel the breeze coming from the coast.







The beach is not very big, but what surprised us was that in spite of being so small, there was plenty of space for everybody. The water was clean and warm with small waves. The palm trees on the street and skyline of buildings were giving the exotic taste of Malaga. 





The next morning we have decided to walk around the city and see the local castle.














To finish the whole trip, we climbed up to the viewpoint to admire the sunset in the hills and mountains of Malaga.