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27 07 2016

we all like them beaches - Arrábida

What we all love the most are beaches, right? Especially polish people that are lacking some good weather, sun and blue water... Serra de Arrábida is a paradise close to Lisbon filled with amazing beaches and green forests with really refreshing air. Within 1 hour we were already parking our car on the mountain, grabbed our staff and headed to Praia dos Coelhos (Rabbit Beach - don't know why this name). The path is pretty easy and no steep cliffs to go down (unlike Praia da Ursa or Ribeira do Cavalo). Not so many people (portuguese people start living after their lunch time) and slowly the water started getting blue and warm. For us, "the cold polish people", it is a paradise on earth. Around 15, when it was already EXTREMELY hot, we have decided to take a ride around Arrábida roads and check out some viewpoints. I think I don't need to say more, pictures say all ! Woooahh, nature is beautiful. 

PS. Please don't destroy those beaches, keep them clean.